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Date: 22-07-2012 22:51
Subject: The World In One Place
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So, the Olympics then.

I have a slightly different relationship to them than most techies I guess. Most people I know are pretty ambivalent, or outright hostile, to the London games that kick off in a few days. Programmers are generally not into sport after all.

Athletics has always been a part of my life though. I competed at county level for my school in the discus (yes, this always surprises people). Also cross country running. I was almost universally crap at both and was usually just making up the numbers, but at least I did it.

My dad used to be an athlete as well. I actually only learned that very recently, but it does explain why he likes to have athletics on the tv whenever there's some to watch.

Some of my earliest memories involve the Olympics. I remember the Barcelona games vividly, we were on our yearly family camping holiday when Linford Christie won the 100m, something I saw on the TV in the family room of the campsite's pub.

Later I would of course end up working from the summer of '98 on the videogame tie in for the Sydney 2000 Olympics (the last *really good* one I might add, every one since has felt a bit flat after that). I got to know the rules for a *lot* more sports when I worked on that. Watched hours of footage, flicked through official rulebooks and so on.

I love the Olympics. I love what they represent, or at least what they try to anyway. There's a lot of crap around this one, all the painful stuff to do with the official sponsors and so on. I'm hoping the sport itself is the only thing we take away from the next month or so.

And while most native Londoners seem to be hating the thing, none of the MANY tourists I saw there today would share that view. Regent Street is decked out with the flags of every nation of the world, there are painted statues of the mascots everywhere (kind of like the cow parade, if you remember that...) and massive groups of foreign tourists (and maybe even competitors) checking out the sights ahead of games. Most common sight today was people posing for photograpgs inside red old fashioned style phoneboxes.

At one point I was overtaken by a horde of 200 or so people on rollerblades making their way down Oxford Street with Police escort.

Stuff the haters. This is going to be fun.
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Stephen Williams
User: stephenw32768
Date: 23-07-2012 19:03 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Great post.

I'm pretty ambivalent about the Olympics personally, though will watch the opening ceremony and one or two of the events that interest me. But it's jolly nice to read a positive post about the Games; one would be forgiven for thinking that the entire Internet is against them...

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